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DEAR Carolyn's Dental Hygiene Studio is situated on the lovely shores of 12 Mile Lake on Red Umbrella Road in Minden Township. The easy access just off of Hwy. 35 offers the best of Haliburton County. Patients can look forward to the overall experience of receiving preventive oral health services in a beautiful setting. Carolyn provides care for all patients beginning as early as 2 years of age.

As a registered primary health care professional, Carolyn is dedicated to providing excellence in oral health education and clinical services for all ages. Dental hygienists specialize in the prevention of oral disease. Carolyn's focus is working together with you to achieve the highest level of oral health and ultimately enhancing your overall wellness.

At Dear Carolyn Dental Hygiene Studio, dental hygiene services will be provided in collaboration with either your existing dentist or to one of our supporting dentists in the community. We also work in collaboration with alternative healthcare providers to support your overall health and wellness needs and make direct referrals on your behalf as required.

DEAR Carolyn Dental Hygiene Studio is offering FREE oral cancer screening in April. Call to book your free head and neck oral cancer screening today.
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Carolyn Kinsman-Ludlow, RDH

DEAR Carolyn Dental Hygiene Studio Outdoors

DEAR Carolyn Dental Hygiene Studio Outdoors